Co-Parenting Consulting

Co-parenting consulting helps separated and divorced parents overcome common challenges associated with this major life change. It is short-term and solution-focused, specifically aimed at promoting a positive adjustment for the children involved. With a newly defined working relationship, parents can move on to the next chapter with greater ease.

In our time together, you will learn to:

  • Create a new co-parenting partnership
  • Understand your child’s needs and behavior
  • Reduce feelings of guilt and confusion
  • Increase feelings of confidence and compassion
  • Handle your child’s big feelings
  • Respond to difficult questions
  • Establish house rules for both homes
  • Maximize your child’s support systems
  • Set expectations for newly developed relationships
  • Ease the stress of transition and change

This service IS:

  • A training program providing specific, action plans for minimizing effects of family separation on children
  • An educational resource providing important, time-sensitive information for various stages of the separation process
  • A highly focused and specialized program developed by our therapists, informed by years of working with children and their parents

This service IS NOT:

  • Individual, couples or family therapy for parents OR their children
  • Legal advice, custody evaluation or court involvement

The process:

  • Clients complete contact form and discuss goodness of fit prior to first meeting
  • Clients review and complete service agreement
  • Clients review consultant's availability and provide advance payment to reserve desired appointment time
  • All consulting services are self-pay and not eligible for reimbursement by insurance

To discuss how we can help and what that looks like for you, please complete our contact form (below) and we will reach out to you within 24 hours (Monday-Saturday)

This service is currently being offered by Marnie Leahy, MA, LCPC. For more information see related blog articles.