Get to Know Us

Stephanie Beck, MA, MEd, LCPC

"Kids who are impulsive or who struggle with attention are trying so hard! They just don’t have the skills that they need."

It can really affect their self-esteem…they can get things in their head like ‘I’m a bad kid’, or 'I’m lazy', when they are not at all; they are trying so hard! We can make a big difference by working on it together; like how can you focus more by taking planned breaks so homework isn’t such a chore. Let’s change your mindset: if you’re great at soccer, let’s work on moving that work ethic for soccer into math, or improving reading fluency.

"Back to school season is when we get to see all our hard work put into motion."

When the high school boy who was really stressed about tests comes in and says, 'hey I took the ACT, didn’t have any panic attacks and I feel like I did a really good job!'

"The Self-Control Squad is about helping those kids who struggle with impulse control."

We’re talking about: ‘how can I control myself so I’m making choices I can be proud of?’ At the end, teachers might say: this kid is doing so much better, he can focus on his work….And, kids don’t feel as alone. There are other kids saying ‘Yes, that happens to me too!’

Chelsea Gasaway, MS, LMFT

"Taking clients from lows to happy moments every day."

When a client comes in and they are at their lowest of lows, my ultimate goal is to make the hour they come to see me a place where they can de-stress…where they can be their truest of selves and don’t have to worry about anything else. From there, trying to generalize out of the sessions, and into their regular life.

"Parents always have the natural instinct for parenting, but not necessarily the training for intervention."

It’s tackling things from both ends. I give the tools to the child (or the teen), but also work with parents in order for them to better interact with their child.